How do I order replacement parts or hardware?

You can order replacement parts or hardware for your products by filling out a replacement parts form. If applicable, we will then confirm any additional details with you or send a payment request to complete your order.

We service parts up to 1 year. To order replacement parts for your MDB product, please submit the parts form on your item's brand website:

Million Dollar Baby Classic:

DaVinci Baby:


Nursery Works:

Franklin & Ben:


Please have both the model number and serial number for your crib/dresser ready.

Where is my item's model and serial/PO number?

Both the model number and serial/PO number are printed on our product label.

  • For cribs, this label is located on the inner right side panel at mattress level.
  • For dressers, it is located on the back panel. If the back panel is installed backwards, the label may be situated on the inside of the dresser.

If you need help, please submit a request and we'd be happy to help! 

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